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Not the most exciting of subjects but  for  the  vast  majority  it’s  an  easy  and  straightforward thing  to  do. Once  done,  everything  you  own  will  be  dealt  with  according  to  your  wishes  and  you  can  be  sure  that  the arrangements  you  want  for  your  family  and  friends  after  your  death  will  be  put  in  place. Your  Will  sets  out  how  you  wish  to  distribute  your  assets,  specifying  the  person  or  people  (your  Executors) who  will  be  responsible  for  ensuring  that  your  wishes  are  carried  out.  


You  can  then  leave  sums  of  money  to  individuals  or  charities,  for  instance,  or  make  a  gift  of  a  treasured item,  such  as  a  piece  of  jewellery  or  an  item  of  furniture,  perhaps.  Then,  decide  who  should  receive  the bulk  of  your  estate  and,  if  it’s  more  than  one  person,  consider  what  percentage  of  it  each  one  should inherit. If  you  have  young  children,  you  can  specify  who  would  look  after  them  and  you  can  set  up  a  Trust  Fund  for their  continued  well-being. If  you  don’t  make  a  Will,  your  property  would  be  distributed  in  accordance  with  certain  rules  laid  down  in law  (see  Laws  of  Intestacy  schematic  on  reverse),  which  is  most  unlikely  to  reflect  your  own  wishes.  Why  let that  happen?  Protect  your  hard-earned  assets  and  help  secure  the  future  for  your  family  or  friends. For  everyone’s  peace  of  mind,  make  a  Will. Your  Will  sets  out  how  you  wish  to  distribute  your  assets, specifying  the  person  or  people  who  will  be  responsible   for  ensuring  that  your  wishes  are  carried  out.